Laughing River Retreat House and Healing Center

Laughing River Retreat House and Healing Center is a dream that several of us have had for many years that is now coming into reality. Laughing River has several components. Here is the dream so far. We want to attract great people to add their dream to ours.

  • A holistic healing center that combines various holistic healing techniques including Shamanic healing, herbal healing, traditional Native American Medicine Woman healing, acupuncture, massage, yoga, Eastern medicine and even some aspects of Western medicine.
  • An intentional community that works to bring harmony and peace within the community and to the wider community.
  • A teaching center on core Spiritual Principles.
  • To help finance the Center, a place to run corporate Spiritual Retreats. Spirituality is growing as an interest within many corporations, especially small and medium sized corporations. John Heckers, our spiritual leader, has extensive experience in both corporate training and running retreats. This will bring money into the Retreat Center and allow us to run other programs.
  • A safe place for some of the homeless to live and contribute by being paid staff at the center.
  • A horse therapy center.
  • Organic greenhouses and other organic food production facilities on site to make the Center close to self-sufficient.
  • Windmills, solar panels and other green energy production sources to make the Center energy self-sufficient.
  • A place for Shamanic Apprentices to have solitude and be trained.
  • A library.
  • A meditation room/ceremonial room.
  • A community kitchen and dining area.
  • Some individual “huts” for those who seek solitude.
  • A “great house” along the line of a rustic “resort lodge.”
  • Classes on various subjects of spiritual interest, such as relationships, abundance, peaceful warriors, creating one’s own reality, etc.
  • A well stocked trout lake with a few boats and nice, relaxing fishing.
  • Hiking and camping places on acreage.


If this could be your dream, too, please contact us. Contact John Heckers at or at 720.581.4301. We look forward to speaking with you.